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The West End Project works begin to take shape

As we move into 2017 The West End Project embarks on some notable changes to Tottenham Court Road:-

  • The relocation of the 8 heritage street lights, 4 on either side of the road outside the Heal’s building at 196 Tottenham Court Road is planned, with the works planned to commence in February 2017.
  • The Avenue development at 251 Tottenham Court Road continues with pavement works nearing completion, providing increased pedestrian footpaths to the south end of the road.
  • Ongoing discussions are underway to replace/refurbish 40 telephone boxes in the area
  • Confirmation of an increase in trees has been made.

The Partnership will continue to update on ongoing West End Project works as a result of our meetings with the West End Project Team. If you or your business have specific areas of interest that you would like to enquire about, please contact the team and we will endeavour to assist with information and project details where ever possible.

More detail about the project can be found on the Camden Council website.