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Wondering what to do with your leftover Christmas tree? – Let the BID help!

The Fitzrovia Partnership has an innovative and FREE Recycling service for our Members.

Together with our partners Paper Round, and as part of our commitment to an ethical collection service, we will come and collect your used Christmas tree – whether from your office, retail unit, or restaurant – free of charge in January(terms and conditions apply*).

So let the BID take away your tree, and we will ensure that it is recycled into chipping for a future source of renewable energy.

Benefit today by calling 020 7755 3389

Or e-mail us at recycle@fitzroviapartnership.com

If you have not done so yet, why not try the rest of the ISO 14001 compliant waste management scheme that was launched in August? The service has already played a vital role in saving Members money and time, with our weekly collection and recycling service from Paper Round.

Find out more.

*Terms & Conditions

Only paying BID Members are eligible to use this service. Only one Christmas tree per Member is applicable for the free service. Christmas trees only will be collected on the date specified by Paper Round. Any additional trees that are collected may be subject to a service charge. The collection must be booked in advance, on or before Monday 6 January 2014. The service is provided by Paper Round and is subject to any additional terms and conditions contained within the contracts between the parties.