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London Underground to get high-speed mobile coverage
London Underground to get high-speed mobile coverage

Tube users of all major networks such as Vodafone, Virgin Media 02 will be able to use high-speed mobile coverage across the whole tube network. Advancements being installed now by BAI communications will add coverage to a further five stations – including Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Circus and Camden Town – in the next six months.

All stations and tunnels across the Tube network remain on course to have high-quality and uninterrupted mobile coverage. Some sections of Tube network will go live by summer 2023 – including parts of the Central line including stations and tunnels through the City and West End. TfL and BAI communications are also continuing to progress with delivering mobile coverage across the recently opened central section of the Elizabeth line between Paddington and Abbey Wood. Mobile operators will also ensure continued and improved coverage via Wi-Fi on the London Underground and Elizabeth line when the network transfers to BAI in April 2023

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