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Camden Business Awards 2015

In a evening of celebrating business in Camden, Fitzrovia saw several businesses honored.

The Fitzrovia Partnership were proud to sponsor the category of Outstanding Contribution to Enviornmental Sustainability. 

Fitzrovia Partnership BID Members, MyHotel, Bloomsbury  and BFI were nominees in this category, reflecting their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The award was give to The Welcome Trust who we would like  to congratulate for their continued significant progress in making Fitzrovia a cleaner and greener place to work, live and visit.

The Category of Outstanding Contribution to The Community, sponsored by NSL, saw the Fitzrovia Partnership BID Members, UCL and Densu Aegis Network both feature as nominees.  Densu recievied a Highly commended Award for which we would like to congratulate for their commitment to helping make Fitzrovia a better place for all.