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Crime continues to decrease in Fitzrovia

Crime levels in the Bloomsbury area since August 2014 have shown a peak in March 2015 of 527 total crimes reported. This has now reduced to 408 total crimes reported in July 2015.

The largest increase sits in the areas of Theft person, (phone snatches) and Theft other (table surfing and theft in cafes and bars).

The Grraph below illustrates the crime trend for Theft person. This as well as the trend for Theft other shows a marked reduction in reports in June and July 2015.

 Ops Chart

Other crimes for the area show that shoplifting accounts for 5.03% of all crime reports, Theft Person accounts for 18.16% and other Theft 27.34%. Shoplifting remains under reported and businesses are being encouraged to report crime to ensure that the police patrol our area rather than being tasked to patrol areas away from Fitzrovia.

Working in Partnership

The Fitzrovia Partnership is working with our partners to raise awareness of crime issues and to identify best practice with regard to crime prevention.

Our monthly Business Watch Meetings are positioned to share information about suspects of crime and anti-social behaviour operating in the area. Photographs can be shared to help identify suspects.

The next meeting will be held at 3pm on Monday, 12 October 2015. Please register with us if you would like to join the meeting.

Radio Link Scheme 

The radio link is in place to share between businesses fast time details of suspects who are operating, there are 50 radios in circulation at this time. Let us know if you require training in how to operate the radio or if you would like a radio.

Chelsea Clips

We are also distributing Chelsea Clips to restaurants, pubs and cafes to help safeguard customer’s property. If you would like us to supply you with clips please contact the team.