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Crime is decreasing in Fitzrovia

But theft of personal property continues to be an issue in the area.

In response to this our Neighbourhood Policing Team and other Policing teams have been targeting crime hot-spots with additional patrols and highlighting issues to potential targets.

The figures below are supplied by the Bloomsbury Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team and clearly show how theft has affected the area over the last 6 months. The figures are dropping month on month and we hope that by working in partnership we will see a continued drop.


Also of note is the fact that although we know that many retail premises suffer from incidents of shoplifting these are not being reported to the police. We would encourage you to report these crimes so that we can raise awareness of how crime affects our members to the police and Camden Council.

  • Emergency services 999
  • Non-emergency police reporting call 101

The Fitzrovia Partnership Business Watch Meeting brings together our businesses and the Police and Council to discuss these crime trends, suspects, good practice and how working together we can work to reduce crime.

The next meeting is on Monday 14th September at 3pm. The meeting is held at The Rising Sun Public House. Tottenham Court Road and we welcome you to attend. Please contact the team for further information and to be added to the distribution list.


Whilst the Police continue to tackle those involved in mobile phone crime, we ask you to consider the following steps to help prevent you and your colleagues becoming a victim of crime:

  • Take particular care of your phone at bars, cafes, coffee-shops, restaurants and music venues – thieves have targeted these venues.
  • If using your phone in public, stay alert and be aware of what’s going on around you.
  • Ensure you keep a record of your IMEI – you will need this if your phone is lost or stolen.
  • Register your phone for FREE on the Immobilise website. This helps Police to identify you as the owner and return your handset if lost or stolen.
  • Use security or PIN locks to protect your data and prevent the phone being used if stolen. Try to ensure these are not easily guessed, such as 1234, or your birthday.
  • When not in use, never leave your phone unattended in a public place or vehicle.
  • Consider installing a tracker application on your smartphone, it could help trace your device if stolen. If you are unsure which ‘app’ to install seek advice from the manufacturer of your smartphone. If your device is stolen, act quickly – inform the Police and tell them you have a tracker app installed.

If your phone is stolen, report it to the Police and your network provider. Ensure you have the IMEI number available for the Police. Your network will provide this free of charge.