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Green Infrastructure Audit to benefit Fitzrovia

The BID has commissioned Arup to conduct a Green Infrastructure Audit (GIA) this summer.


The aim is to develop an understanding of the current conditions of public realm open spaces and ‘greening opportunities’ for Fitzrovia. We will then produce an evidence-based action plan to deliver upon the findings of the audit, which will act as a catalyst for growth and improving the appearance of the BID area.

The results of the GIA will also enable the BID to adequately respond to the West End Project, and offer sustainable solutions for some of the public realm challenges associated with the project, as well as recommending some positive improvements that can be taken forward.  In addition, BID members will be encouraged to contribute to the larger initiative by making their own small scale changes.

Finally, we aim to reduce crime levels as a result of improved public perception of the BID area and increased sense of ownership by levy payers, businesses and employees.

The programme will commence this week (30 June) with an initial stakeholders & partners workshop, which will determine the vision. The full GIA will be delivered for late August/beginning of September.