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Our Fitzrovia – Clean Air Village

Clean Air Village focus area

FEBRUARY 2020: ‘Our Fitzrovia ~ Clean Air Village’ is an exciting, inclusive vision to create a healthier environment through enhanced public realm and streetscape within Fitzrovia.

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Our aims for our Green Gateway as part of Our Fitzrovia

  • To increase walking and cycling through enhanced connectivity and a transformed public realm
  • To create a safer, inclusive environment for all through improved streetscape design
  • To create a healthier environment through promoting sustainable transport alternatives and delivering mitigation to address vehicle emissions.

Our Fitzrovia ambitions

  • To create a visual gateway to Our Fitzrovia from Euston Road into Fitzroy Street building upon greening interventions already made by The Fitzrovia Partnership in 2019 with #FitzPark
  • Strengthen the character, identity and biodiversity of Warren Street through enhanced and transformed public realm
  • Improvements to the public realm on Fitzroy Street to enhance the relationship between the scale of the building frontages and the streetscape to create a more welcoming experience
  • Creating a green walkway between Euston Road and Oxford Street.

What we’ll deliver:

  • Install and plant a Green Screen at the Euston Road/Fitzroy Street Gateway
  • Install 2x Green Walls on Fitzroy Street
  • Provide seating for up to 18 people to dwell on Fitzroy Street
  • Install up to 3 new Planters in underutilised pavement space on Fitzroy Street
  • Create a Green Walkway on Warren Street between Fitzroy/Conway Street Junctions.

Why it’s a great idea:

  • The development of Charlotte Street as Central London’s distinctive destination for food, beverage and hospitality through a sensitive design proposal that responds to user and local resident needs with consideration to the historic and cultural context
  • Strengthen the character and identity of Warren Street by encouraging greater visitor numbers through enhanced connectivity and a re-imagined public realm.

Steps to get it done:

  • Connect with supporting partners
  • Complete due process with local authority
  • Engage all community stakeholders
  • Showcase designs
  • Commence development :)
  • Install and plant Green Screen – Euston Road/Fitzroy Street
  • Add Seating to Green Wall Location
  • Install 2x Green Wall’s – Fitzroy Street
  • Install Pavement Planters – Fitzroy Street
  • Install Modular Seating – Fitzroy Street
  • Install Planting on Warren Street between Fitzroy/Conway Street
  • Shout about Our Fitzrovia for all to enjoy!

Support the campaign from as little as £2