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Recycle Everything with The Fitzrovia Partnership and our partners The First Mile

The Fitzrovia Partnership has teamed up with The First Mile to offer our members an enhanced waste management and recycling service.

The new service which launched in November 2015 provides an expanded offering allowing members to recycle a wider range of materials and save more money.

Mixed recycling (paper, cans, plastics, card and glass) is FREE to Fitzrovia Partnership members with Zero-to-landfill waste taken to an energy-from-waste facility where it is incinerated to generate electricity for homes and businesses in London.

In addition to the FREE recycling our waste service and food recycling service is on average 30% lower in cost to alternative suppliers and there are now additional FREE services of toner, battery and stationary recycling. A total recycling solution is available and all at discounted rates.

Our Partners First Mile currently collect from more than 120 businesses in the area. This means signing up to our service reduces vehicle movements and emissions.


To encourage recycling and to celebrate the new service, businesses can claim up to ten FREE mixed recycling cardboard bins for their premises.

If you would like to take advantage of the improved service please contact the Savings Team by email or on 020 7755 3192.