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The Partnership S@vingsTeam deliver over £500,000 in savings to it’s Members.

The  Fitzrovia Partnership has in just over two years delivered savings of over £500,000 to it’s Members.

Since October 2014, we have saved nearly £10,000 for just 19 members on pest control alone!  That’s a lot of unhappy mice, bugs and pigeons being evacuated from the area, but lots of happy businesses!

As a BID the savings mount up and really do look impressive, but they become even more real and relevant when viewed individually.

Take Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo for instance.  They had mice, lots of happy mice making themselves comfortable where they shouldn’t be.  Karoliina Eder from WATG shared their issues.

“We felt let down by Rentokil on a couple of occasions, nothing major, just not quick enough and when the Fitzrovia Partnership got in touch to see if they could help, the timing was perfect.

The Partnerhip  gave us their quote and the savings were considerable and impressive!  In addition, they took the hassle out of the whole process, they organised changing the suppliers and made it all so easy.

They introduced us to the Partnership’s approved supplier  who have also been a joy to work with.  They are very responsive, turn up quickly when needed and understand the discretion required with these pest control matters!

I wouldn’t hesitate to use the servces again and would recommend the s@vings team to other Partnership Members.  In fact we’re looking forward to creating some more savings with the team and am currently looking at their other services.”

The Partnership has made savings in pest control alone of over £12,000 with WATG seeing an overall saving of nearly  £4,000.

Pest Control is one of a host of services we offer that can make a real difference to your businesses bottom line. Download your brochure and find out more about how we can help make savings for your business. Or email the team on savings@fitzroviapartnership.com.