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LoyalFree Statement: Covid-19

Amidst the current government advice, we understand this may be a difficult time for your business, and the option of home delivery or online offerings are becoming more important to sales. 

As you may know we currently partner with the multi award winning place app LoyalFree, to let businesses promote deals, events and so forth in the area. In light of the current situation LoyalFree has decided to extend their offering to give businesses extra support where possible.  

So how can you get involved?

If you are already on the app

  • You may want to consider adding a new online offer for your customers who may be self isolating / distancing – you can do this by sending the details over to info@loyalfree.co.uk 
  • If you’d prefer to change your current offer rather than adding a new one this can be done within the system by visiting http://www.loyalfree.co.uk/update 
  • If you are listing any events on the app which have been postponed or cancelled let info@loyalfree.co.uk know and they can ensure the app is up to date with this information 

If you are not yet on the app 

  • It’s quick, easy and free to sign up to promote your business on the app which is used by many local customers
  • Simply send your offer wording and any T&Cs over to info@loyalfree.co.uk who will be happy to help add you to the platform 
  • To download the app and see how it works please search for ‘LoyalFree’ on the app stores or visit www.loyalfree.co.uk/download 

Online deals put onto the app will run until 30 April (unless you want to clarify a shorter time period of course) and the situation will be reconsidered closer to that time. 

Many thanks and we hope this can help during challenging times. If you feel there are other ways the app platform could be utilised during this time please do let us know your suggestions. 

Sophie Hainsworth, Co-Founder of LoyalFree