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Reducing Costs – Berkeley Insurance

Berkeley Insurance Group is an insurance broker firm. They are one of the UK’s largest independent Chartered Insurance Brokers, who work with clients from across the UK on their insurance needs, from individual homeowners to major corporations. For members, they can review current insurance policies and search for better options and ensure companies are knowledgeable of insurance policies on the market.

Main Contact Name: Mark Hayward
Email: MHayward@berkeleyinsurancegroup.co.uk
Phone: 0116 261 4761

Recovery Plan Covid-19
Upon appointment to the Berkeley Group they have been working with clients to:-

  • Revisit their insurance program to ensure coverage is no more than they need at this time and that the price is as competitive as possible.
  • We have been carrying out market reviews – seeking more competitive alternatives.
  • Clients have been moving to monthly direct debit to spread their insurance cost over these most difficult months.
  • Clients with a number of vehicles have been “laying them up” – so that they are only paying a full premium on the lower numbers of vehicles they actually use – this has a positive effect on future premiums and can result in a return of premium now – giving some injection of cash.
  • If coming up to renewal ensuring that covers are based on the most current estimates of turnover, salary, wage-roll for the forthcoming year can have again a positive impact on premiums.
  • If there is any travel involving accommodation/flights etc and the client has travel cover it is ensuring that their claims are agreed and payed as soon as possible.

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