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Reducing Costs – WINNS Security Services

WINNS Services provides protection of buildings.

Main Contact Name: Alan Davies
Email: alan.davies@winnsservices.co.uk
Phone: 01702 713100

Current situation during Covid-19
Due to the current events, a lot of premises are being left unattended and thereby vulnerable. WINNS can provide temporary cover priority our return to work, whether it be concierge, static guards, key holding or mobile patrols. All our staff are trained & licensed SIA Officers who will work to agreed site instructions.

Recovery situation post Covid-19
Once members have moved back to their offices, if businesses would like to either introduce security into their business or would like to change their security management company; Winns are also able to provide a longer term service to members at preferred rates.

If you require assistance contacting the suppliers or on what you should be considering before moving your staff back into the office, please email savings@fitzroviapartnership.com.

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