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Fitzrovia’s Carbon Savings

The Fitzrovia Partnership has just been recognised as a shining example of innovation in the area of waste management and recycling. We have just been declared winners or the prestigious Green Apple award, all the team are very proud and all BID members can be sure that they are involved in something very special.

After first identifying that there were circa a dozen different waste providers operating in the Fitzrovia Partnership BID area, the S@vings team set about identifying who was using whom, what service levels they were getting, the various costs, where the waste was going and all the multiple issues. At this point the S@vings team decided that the time had come to take responsibility for all the waste that was being produced by BID members, and by working together we could reduce the trucks travelling in our district, ensure that everyone got the same low cost and high service levels, put in place processes that would ensure that any and all waste was dealt with responsible and ensure that none ever went into landfill.

It was a tough task, but with the fantastic support of the BID members the S@vings team have established a BID wider zero-2-landfill waste and recycling scheme. It’s available to all BID levy paying businesses and so far it’s achieving significant savings for all those involved and of course as you can see from our monitors above, the environmental benefits are outstanding.

To be part of the award winning BID waste and recycling scheme email savings@fitzroviapartnership.com.

A Collective Voice

The Fitzrovia Partnership provides business leadership and positions itself as the representative and authoritative voice on issues relating to the District. A leadership and advocacy programme will focus on the role The Partnership plays in the broader strategic context and the relationships and activities it engages to influence on-going economic development.

The Partnership’s work focuses on maintaining a business district of choice which is accessible, well managed and attracts high levels of satisfaction from both businesses in the area and those choosing to work in Fitzrovia. The Partnership helps to ensure that a quality trading environment is maintained and plays a role in stimulating on-going investment. The Partnership helps to promote Fitzrovia, its economic performance and overall potential. It seeks to attract new and exciting businesses and in particular independent traders that are increasingly faced with a wide choice of potential locations.

It maintains a strong relationship with public agencies to encourage greater investment in the area and an improvement in the quality of the street environment to include delivery of Crossrail and the development of The West End Project.

Government Consultation Projects

As well as a collective voice, The Fitzrovia Partnership aims to provide information for current Government consultation projects in the Fitzrovia and surrounding areas. TfL are launching a large number of public consultations in the coming weeks on proposed schemes that may affect or be of interest to your business.

These consultations cover a wide range of bus, road, cycling and policy proposals, including:

  • The Elizabeth Line Bus Changes consultation.

Draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy 2017

Transport has the potential to shape London, from the streets Londoners live, work and spend time on, to the Tube, rail and bus services they use every day.

By using the Healthy Streets Approach to prioritise human health and experience in planning the city, the Mayor wants to change London’s transport mix so the city works better for everyone.

The Mayor would like to hear your views on his draft transport strategy. You can:

Review of air pollution on the Tube

On Monday 26 June, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, investigated the pollution levels on the tube, introducing a series of measures to minimise dust levels on the Underground, to ensure the cleanest air possible for passengers and staff.

The work is part of a wide-ranging review the Mayor is undertaking across planning, housing, construction, transport and river services to tackle London’s air and to protect Londoners from the damaging health impacts of air pollution.

The programme includes:

  • Reducing toxic vehicle emissions, with a £10 Toxicity-Charge (T-Charge) which will start in October this year
  • The introduction of the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in 2019 (subject to consultation)
  • The cleaning up of London’s public transport fleets such as buses and taxis so that they lead the way in ultra-low emission technology.

Supporting the Business Community


In response to member demand The Partnership has introduced a diverse Training Programme that supports our members with the provision of increased skill sets through accredited courses and vital Counter Terrorism seminars.

The Fitzrovia Training Programme includes Conflict Management, Contingency Planning, First Aid, Fire Safety, Health & Safety, Risk Assessments and more.

View the full list of training courses where you can also book online.

Contact the team to register your interest in our courses and seminars.

B2B Networking and Promotion

As a collective, The Partnership provides an opportunity for its members to engage in business to business activity through business briefings, networking events, member centric promotion and direct introductions.

Our dedicated monthly Member News provides an update on current projects, key issues impacting the area and promotional opportunities for members.

The Partnership hosts a series of Member Events throughout the year that provide a platform for members to engage with industry specialist and fellow members from the business community.

Loyalty Scheme

The Partnership’s loyalty scheme, LoyalFree, allows local workers and residents to access fantastic rewards from Fitzrovia’s vast range of restaurants and retailers.

If you would like your business to benefit from joining the scheme as a participating merchant business for free please contact the team.

To view a full list of participating local businesses and the range of offers available, and to download the App, visit enjoyfitzrovia.


The Fitzrovia Partnership markets and promotes its members to those who work and live in the area, to help grow the local economy. We aim to attract visitors to explore the homeware and furniture offer of Tottenham Court Road, enjoy the restaurants, cafes and bars on Charlotte Street and surrounding areas. The area has and continues to attract the arts and creatives, from past literary figures such as Dylan Thomas to its many art galleries and creative industries.

We are proud of the diverse and exciting range of businesses in Fitzrovia. Our strategy is divided into Corporate and Consumer marketing and communications. We deliver the following activities


  • The Fitzrovia Partnership website
  • The monthly Member Newsletter, with updates on all our projects and for members to promote their services
  • Quarterly Board Sub-Group meetings covering the office, small business, retail, restaurant and evening economy and community sectors
  • Regular member networking events
  • The free LoyalFree Loyalty Scheme.


  • The EnjoyFitzrovia website
  • The monthly General Newsletter, with details of events, offers and news in the area
  • The seasonal @Fitzrovia Newspaper, showcasing the retail, food and art offer
  • The free LoyalFree Loyalty Scheme. Designed to reward users for repeat visits to their favourite cafes, restaurants, hairdressers and other local services.
  • Social media promotion, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Seasonal campaigns, such as
    • Summer of Colour
    • 2019 Christmas Trail – Infographic Results
    • 2019 Christmas Elf Trail
    • Late night opening
    • Small Business Saturday #SmallBizSatUK

Working Towards Sustainability

Freight Consolidation – FitzOffice Supplies

From an existing TfL funded trial in 2015, we were able to work with 10 members to better understand what products they were ordering, and the impact these deliveries had on our local environment. As a result, we are delighted to launch FitzOffice Supplies, which aims to consolidate what you order most with some substantial financial savings – and help you to reduce your delivery’s carbon emissions by up to 90%.

Our new service will be able to offer you:

  • Essential savings on all your office supplies (stationery, tea/coffee, office snacks and even furniture!)
  • A speedy but consolidated service
  • Business Credit Account
  • FREE 14 day returns
  • A dedicated support manager to help you with the ordering process
  • FREE cost analysis for your company
  • An easy to use and efficient online ordering platform let us do the hard work for you!
  • Confidence that you are ordering with a FORS accredited service (a TfL accredited scheme encompassing safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations)
  • An opportunity for you to enter your savings onto your CSR balance sheet – by using our bespoke service, you are making a direct difference in reducing the number of white van and HGV deliveries into Fitzrovia, making a tangible improvement to local air quality

To register for your business account and dedicated savings, please visit our FitzOffice Supplies website.

Need help?

Contact us at officesupplies@fitzroviapartnership.com or 020 7755 5836.

Commercial Waste & Recycling Consolidation

Whether your business is a retailer, restaurant, office or small business, you can support the aim of improving air quality in Fitzrovia by helping to reduce the amount of commercial vehicles on our roads – whilst benefiting from exclusive prices negotiated with a single supplier, meaning the savings are passed directly to you, our members.

Our ‘Zero to landfill’, carbon neutral, ISO 14001 and 9001 accredited Waste Management and FREE Recycling service, in partnership with First Mile, has significantly reduced CO2 emissions in the Fitzrovia area. Our objectives are to:

  • Reduce the amount of waste collection vehicles within Fitzrovia
  • Reduce the amount of commercial waste sacks left on Fitzrovia’s streets
  • Help your business reduce costs

What do we collect?

We will collect the following items from your premises for FREE:

Mixed Recycling and cardboard

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard, such as large flat-packed boxes
  • Glass
  • Metal

And for a discounted rate, we will also collect:

  • Anything that cannot be recycled – General Waste (Zero to Landfill)
  • Food recycling
  • Confidential recycling
  • Toner recycling
  • Battery recycling
  • Fluorescent tube recycling
  • Electrical (WEEE) recycling

When do we collect?

Partnership members will benefit from the following times:

  • AM waste collection: 0700-1000
  • PM waste collection: 1900-2100
  • PM waste collection (Charlotte Street only): 2300-0100

Need help?

Contact us at info@fitzroviapartnership.com or 020 7755 3395.

2018 Business Recycling Certificates

The list of Fitzrovia businesses who have achieved a 2018 recycling certificate has now been published by our Waste and Recycling partner, First Mile.

Find the full list of Fitzrovia businesses who have achieved the 2018 First Mile Recycling Certificates.

A Greener Fitzrovia

Across London, Green Infrastructure is becoming more instrumental as a means of addressing poor air quality and improving the local streetscape environment, with studies such as our Green Infrastructure Audit making national headlines.

Increasing Safety & Security

The Ambassador Service

Our team of Ambassadors make an important contribution to the quality of life in Fitzrovia for our members, their staff, visitors and the local community. In partnership, they provide a wide range of services to meet the demand for a clean, safe, and well-presented area. They are also the public face of The Partnership, offering visitors a friendly, confident and well-informed welcome to Fitzrovia.

Some of the issues our Ambassadors report on:

  • Illegal street trading
  • Busking and noise pollution
  • Litter, street cleaning problems and general refuse
  • Street lighting
  • Damage to paving and highways
  • Graffiti and fly posting
  • Prostitute cards in telephone boxes
  • Damage to street furniture
  • Criminal activity
  • Anti-social behaviour

Our Ambassadors provide a street presence between Monday to Saturday, working to a shift pattern. They act as a conduit between our business members, along with our partners, providing information such as crime trends, reports on anti-social behaviour, developments and general news.

The team ensures members are kept informed on issues that may affect day to day operations of your business.

Have a street based issue to report?

View our Contact Information Card for details of the best contact information for emergency, non-emergency and street based issues. The comprehensive card enables your business and staff to have the correct numbers to hand when you need it most.

The Ambassador team can be contacted via email or directly by phone on 020 7755 3398.

Alternatively you can contact:

  • David Fereday, Head of Place Management via email  or on 020 7755 3398
  • Lee Lyons, Chief Operating Officer via email or on 020 7755 3193

Prevention of Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour  

As part of the Business Crime Reduction Partnership, reducing the effects of crime and anti-social behaviour to provide a safer environment for our businesses and the community is priority.

The Street Wardens

We were delighted to introduce a second street warden to The Fitzrovia Partnership team.

Roman joins Vitalij to contribute to the deterring of crime and anti-social behaviour, monitoring the street environment, assisting in event management and providing an additional uniformed presence with particular respect to visitor wellbeing.

The team are already receiving praise throughout Fitzrovia, with one member business commenting:

“The street wardens are doing a great job. I have seen a big reduction in attempted shoplifting and I’m sure it’s not a coincidence”. – Local Retail Store Manager

Security Meetings

Business Watch

Fitzrovia Business Watch is a monthly meeting chaired by The Fitzrovia Partnership which allows businesses to meet with the Police and Camden Council to share and discuss details of suspects, crime trends and local issues.

Please find below a list of the Business Watch meetings for 2019:

20 August
17 September
22 October
19 November
10 December

To register, please email the team or call on 020 7755 3398. 

Pub Watch

Fitzrovia Pub Watch is a quarterly meeting chaired by The Fitzrovia Partnership which allows licenced premises to meet with The Fitzrovia Partnership, the Police (local and borough-wide) and Camden Council to share and discuss details of suspects, crime trends and local issues.

Please find below a list of the Pub Watch meetings for 2019:

18 June
17 September
10 December

Radio Link

The Fitzrovia Partnership offers access to a Radio Link Scheme for business members to enable to ability them to share fast time information with other members.

Please see the link of current members who are connected through the Radio Link Scheme.

To register for the scheme please email the ambassador team or call on 020 7755 3192.

The Partnership provides crime prevention advice and equipment – The use of Chelsea Clips significantly reduces the instances of “table surfing” and ”theft from person”, which are persistent crime issues for area.

To find out more about the information, advice and equipment we can provide please email the ambassador team or call on 020 7755 3398.

Enhanced Enforcement – The Partnership works closely with the Police and Camden Council to ensure that there is an adequate level of Police and PCSO presence in the area providing a safer and more secure environment.

Camden and Islington Police News

Find updates produced by the Metropolitan Police (Camden and Islington), which highlights local issues and how they are being dealt with.

Read the Camden Islington News issue 1 September 2017.

 Counter Terrorism and Contingency Planning

Working with the Metropolitan Police, The Fitzrovia Partnership provides numerous Counter Terrorism Training Events and Briefings throughout the year to help members review and develop Business Contingency Plans to help them through any emergency that may take place.

The Training Programme includes Contingency Planning, Counterfeit Note Training, Fraudulent Document Awareness, Mail Handling, Risk Assessments and more.

Contact the team to register your interest.

Street Management

The Ambassador Service monitors waste in the area and identifies issues that affect the public realm, such as cleansing and litter.  We work in partnership with Camden Council to ensure a speedy resolution is found for these issues and provide feedback to our members.