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1. Shaping Change

The Fitzrovia Partnership has six business priorities that form our mandate and determine our deliverables to member businesses:

Shaping Change

Working in partnership with local government and key stakeholders across London, we can keep you informed of what’s happening in the area. Where necessary we are an influential voice.

At at glance:

  • West End Project
  • Oxford Street District
  • The Fitzrovia Action Plan
  • Crossrail
  • HS2
  • Business planning
  • Property Development
  • Campaigning for:
    • Improved public spaces • Better environment
    • Reduced business taxes • Responding to public consultations
  • Fitzrovia Village (Conceptual working with Arup)

2. Reducing Costs

Reducing costs, including training

Our extensive cost savings programme take advantage of economies of scale and specialist procurement services to help you reduce your business costs.

At a glance:

  • Business Rate Evaluation
  • Telecoms and Set up
  • Cars, Taxis and Courier
  • Handyman and Maintenance
  • Office Supplies including stationery and janitorial
  • Testing
  • Energy and Water
  • Pest Control
  • Building Security
  • Waste and Free Recycling (Allocation)
  • Merchant Fees
  • IT Services and Security Solutions


The Fitzrovia Partnership has a diverse Training Programme that supports our members with upskilling through accredited courses. The courses are free to employees of member businesses.

3. Sustainable working

Sustainable working

We promote the district’s approach to sustainability and environmental awareness, supporting new schemes and initiatives.


Opportunities in Fitzrovia | Fitzrovia Village

In the Summer of 2019. The Fitzrovia Partnership commissioned ARUP to work in partnership with us to inform our placemaking strategy and develop our vision for cleaner air and heathier streets in Fitzrovia. In January 2020, ARUP presented the partnership with feasibility and concept designs for Fitzrovia Village, in line with The Mayor of London’s Healthy Streets agenda.

The Vision is to increase walking & cycling through re-imagined public realm; to create a safer, inclusive environment for pedestrian, cycle and vehicle users through improved streetscape design; to reduce and mitigate vehicle emissions and reduce surface transport creating a healthier environment through the promotion of sustainable transport alternatives; and to support economic growth and regeneration through increased footfall, dwell time and the introduction of Smart City technology

Specific ambitions for each of the three streets include:
• The development of Charlotte Street as a distinctive destination for food, beverage and hospitality through a sensitive design proposal that responds to user and local resident needs with consideration to the historic and cultural context.
• Strengthen the character and identity of Warren Street by encouraging greater visitor numbers through enhanced connectivity and a re-imagined public realm;
• Improvements to the public realm on Fitzroy Street to consider the scale of the buildings and the relationship between the frontages and the streetscape to create a more welcoming experience
The Fitzrovia Village report presents a range of short, medium and long term opportunities and interventions that support meeting these objectives.

Whilst the covid-19 pandemic presents many challenges and obstacles for business, we have been delighted to work with London Borough of Camden during the course of 2020 that has enabled us to monitor and test some of the concepts with the Streatery Project, where pavement widening interventions have been made on Charlotte Street and Warren Street (in addition to Cleveland and Goodge Street) to enable greater flexibility for hospitality businesses to trade outside and to support enabling safe social distancing. A dedicated cycle lane has also been installed on Charlotte Street.

The Partnership have been monitoring how these spaces are being used with AI technology that counts pedestrian, active travel and vehicle movements (with the ability to identify vehicle types) which is feeding into the next stages of this project.

As the project evolves, we will be supporting London Borough of Camden with full and appropriate consultation with all Fitzrovia stakeholders before any permanent interventions are introduced.

Read the full report

4. Safer and Cleaner

Our team of dedicated Street Wardens and Place Ambassador
work alongside the local authorities to keep the streets and public spaces safer and cleaner.

At a glance:

  • Membership of Safer Business Network
  • Radio link (Fitzbac)
  • Street Warden service reporting anti-social behaviour, crime and supporting businesses and community
  • Collaborative working with local agencies, central authorities and the police
  • Business continuity and resilience advice and support including training
  • Training (ACT)
  • Street management and Place Ambassasdor reporting street cleansing, highways and other street issues

How to report a crime

It is imperative that any crime is reported so the police have a true figure of crimes in the area. This helps them prioritise additional resources to ‘hot spots’.  View how to report crime

5. Events and promotions

Events and promotions

Our unique events, business collaborations and marketing programmes with bespoke offers for member organisations, make the area a fun and vibrant place to be.

To sign up as a venue participator please email marketing@fitzroviapartnership.com

At a glance:

  • Member collaborations
  • Member events
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Food and retail events
  • Local marketing
  • Destination marketing
  • EnjoyFitzrovia
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Online promotions
  • Christmas lights
  • London-wide events, e.g. Lumiere London, London Design Festival
  • Food and retail trails

6. Insight


We commission specialist reports for strategic decision making. We bring local businesses together through business-focused events and networking.

At a glance:

Footfall reports
Crossrail impact study
Business events and networking
Business rate reports
Occupancy levels
Air quality
Crime statistics
Street activity
Deliveries report
Crossrail statistics
Shaping Change Impact
Resiliance and Continuity Planning